You Need to Move — To See the Invisible

As Quoted: “An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied.” ―Arnold Glasow

The concept of entrepreneurship, the concept of being the agent of change, the concept of being your own boss and the concept of thinking out of the box to make this world a better place, to live a life of prosperity and abundance is getting clear more — day by day. This is one of the most attractive things or discussion in today’s fast growing world. This human is the most incredible creature of ALMIHGHTY ALLAH and this human mind till his death, produces a lot of creative, world changing ideas but at the day end, all those ideas die — unacted with that incredible Mr. Human. Only a little of those are acted and you can see the advancements in the world brought by those masterpiece Executed Ideas.

Now the question arises that why we don’t act on our masterclass thoughts, world changing ideas?

Answer is only in these 5 words — We Fear of the Invisible.

We don’t act because we fear that our idea is not of much worth — people will laugh at us — we will fail and many many more lame excuses and perceptions.

Now Who you are watching this video — In what condition you are — I want to give you one advice.

Imagine a Car is travelling in a Jungle at the night time with full headlights on. The road through jungle is famous to be dangerous but to reach the destination, the car has to travel through it. Now the range of headlights is almost 70–100 meter or less. Now if the car stops at the start of the jungle that I am not seeing anything in the far 500 meters, I have no idea what is present in the far 1000 meters, then what is needed to know that what is there. Car had to move. Now if the car move then the next 100 meters becomes visible, then next 100 meters — then next 100 meters and the more the car move forward — the more the situation clears.

Now the same is with us — We are just like this car — moving through the jungle of life with incredible ideas in mind, which only clear Upto 100 meters or so but to make our idea clearer, we had to move. We need to take action. We need to jump into the situation — we need to take risk to know explore more about our idea.

So You got an idea — You know that if Executed it can bring revolution in the lives of people — then just jump — just take a move to explore the invisible.

So You Need a Move — To See the Invisible

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Career Tribe by Ishtiaq Khan


LinkedIn Growth Coach — I help Professionals/Entrepreneurs/Freelancers Grow and Win Opportunities on LinkedIn