Why LinkedIn as your Digital Portfolio

· We are products and we are selling or marketing ourselves all the time.

· COVID19 has given us a Clear message: #DIGITAL is the survival.

· LinkedIn is a social networking platform for professionals.

This transformational journey of LinkedIn from an Online CV Posting site or Job-searching site to a professional networking platform, has made it the perfect fit to serve as your digital portfolio.

So, LinkedIn being a digital portfolio serve you as “SHOW US — DON’T TELL”.

For example: If you are a fresh graduate and seeking an internship position. Then what will be the right approach to grab an internship opportunity in one of the best organizations.



Visibility is the first step to success.

If you want to learn:



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Career Tribe by Ishtiaq Khan

Career Tribe by Ishtiaq Khan


LinkedIn Growth Coach — I help Professionals/Entrepreneurs/Freelancers Grow and Win Opportunities on LinkedIn