Don’t Allow Your IDEAS — DREAMS die with YOU

One thing, I have experienced most in life and heard many times and It is in-fact 100% true, is that everything happens for a reason. In the previous week, I have decided that I will write one article per day and then will publish it and also will record 7 videos on Sunday, 1 video to upload each day.

I have written some articles and on the day of Sunday, I had planned to record videos but one thing happened that had awakened my mind and made my purpose clearer to me and improved my commitment level to my goals in life.

On the previous Sunday, In the morning time, I had received a text that father of one of our office colleague and friend had died and funeral will be offered at 2 PM in their village. On Sunday, I usually wake-up at around 11 AM but I wake up earlier, talked to other friends and planned to reach there on time.

We tried our best but due to civil works in Peshawar and heavy traffic, we were unable to reach funeral on time. We rushed towards the graveyard and reached there and met our friend.

In the graveyard, preparations were on the way to bury the deceased one. Most of the people were talking about the man who died and what he has done in life, how he was.

Standing there with friend, a thought cling my mind, that what would I regret most, If I would die today? What would be I remembered for, If I die today? Do I have any purpose in life? Why I had given the gift of life?

There in graveyard, I observed two types of people, one with Ideas, dreams and time, and others with ideas and dreams but no time.

This graveyard is the one of the greatest graveyard of Pakistan. I was observing the graves and people lying there inside and thinking that what they will be regretting most lying there inside, having no chance to pursue their dreams. What ideas, gifts, dreams are buried there. They have dreams, ideas but have no time and no chance. There gifts are buried with them their inside. When leaving this world, they would have wished for one chance to pursue their dreams, to do something better for this world.

But their time has ended. There chapter is closed.

Now I observed myself, my life and people around me that what ideas, what dreams, what goals we have?

What we are going to do as we have time left?

What we are going to be remembered for?

What better we can do for this world?

What ideas, gifts, dreams would die with us, when we die?

As quoted:

We are sent to this world with our unique gifts, unique capabilities and we have to find that gift to make this world a better place then we have found it.

Everyone wants to live a life of purpose, to live a happy, successful, satisfied life but only some of us move on the path to find it and to achieve it.

As most of people lying there in the graveyard wishing for one another chance but no another chance is available for anyone. But think that today we have this chance available and it depends on us that how we make use of it.

Are we going to regret like the most?

I was sent to this world for doing something meaningful. I was gifted with that job to do something meaningful. I was gifted with that good education to do something of worthwhile. And same is everyone.

Now there I decided that I will make use of my gifts and abilities. I will pursue my dreams, my life goals. I decided that I will not allow any idea to bury with me. I decided that I will do something to make this world a better place for someone somewhere.

Everyone has gift. Every one of you reading this still has a chance available. Now what you are going to do? Are you going to bury the ideas and dreams with you or you going to pursue it?

Are you going to regret the chances you had missed?

What you are going to do to make this world a better place.

As quoted

Now at the start of the article as I have told you that everything happens for a reason and the rush of traffic that has not allowed us to reach at funeral on time and we rushed towards graveyard and that thought awakening my mind due to which my motivation towards my life goals recharged. Due to this event and experience, my motivation is recharged that I have pursue my dreams and live a life full of meaning and will leave this earth with no regrets.

Same wishes for you.

May ALLAH bless us with the strength to make full use of our gifts to make this world a better place for someone somewhere.

Originally published at on March 8, 2019.



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