Are You MISSING LINKEDIN — You should not — But WHY?

COVID-19, started in the early 2020, is playing havoc with the world and especially with the economy of the world from last 10 months. Work from Home, Remote work, virtual work, skill-based learning, digitalization, digital skills, all which were considered unrealistic ideas sometimes ago, now become the essentials to survive.

LinkedIn is the heaven for Professional Networking.


So, the best and most authentic and the fastest route to grab any opportunity on LinkedIn is not directly targeting the opportunity but the indirect way, the indirect approach by using the Networking option.

LinkedIn is the only place, where a Fresh graduate can directly connect and engage with the CEO sitting thousands of miles away.

· Connect

· Engage

· Learn

· Create

· Share



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Career Tribe by Ishtiaq Khan

Career Tribe by Ishtiaq Khan


LinkedIn Growth Coach — I help Professionals/Entrepreneurs/Freelancers Grow and Win Opportunities on LinkedIn